All students (Class I to XII), teachers and non-teaching staff of the school.

         Borrowing Books

        1. Books will be loaned for a period of 7 days.
        2. Books may be Re-issued after the loan period of 7 days, if there is no call for it, at the discretion of the librarian.
        3. The Librarian can ask for any book on loan, if it is required in the library urgently, even if it is not due to be returned.
        4. Reference books will not to be issued.
        5. Borrowers cards (Readers Ticket) are not transferable.
        6. Library books are to be deposited at last one week before leaving the station or any break or one month before any vacation.
        7. A ‘No Dues Certificate’ for each student is to be obtained from the librarian while withdrawing any student from the school.
        8. A student from class VI to XII can issue only one book at a time.

        Fine (Loss or Damage)
        1. A fine @ 1/- per day per book will be levied for delay in return.
        2. It is the responsibility of very Borrower to keep the Borrower Cards in safe custody. It is lost; report should be immediately made to the librarian.
        3. A fine of Rs 5/- will be levied for loss of Library Card (Readers Ticket).
        4. A member will be charged Three (3) times the original cost of books/periodicals which are lost/damaged.


        1. All Readers are required to observe discipline in the library.
        2. All Readers should observe complete silence in the library.
        3. Books / Periodicals will not be underlined or marked.
        4. Umbrellas, Bags, Box etc. should be kept outside the Library gate.
        5. Reference books, Magazines /Periodicals are to be read in the Reading Section only.
        6. No student will remain in the Library during teaching periods.


        1. Computerized Library Management Systems
        2. Indexing Systems
        3. DDC-Call No, Book No generation
        4. Circulation Management
        5. Reference Service
        6. Extension Service
        7. Library initiations
        8. Reprographic Service
        9. Career Information Service
        10. Internet Services etc.