Army Public School, Mhow is indeed dedicated to developing scholarly students with great self discipline, intense perseverance and zeal to excel. The institution strives for academic excellence and holistic development in a caring and challenging environment. The school caters to inculcate to life’s challenges with courage and conviction.
At APS, Mhow, we envisage to provide an experiential learning environment with emphasis on intellectual and emotional growth which would enable children to be compassionate, sensitive and socially responsible citizens.
It gives me immense pleasure to take over as chairman of the school which has been adjudged best in the Central Command in the medium school categories. I am aware that with this achievement, our accountability increases manifold.
It is our endeavor to create real and synergic ambience where the students can learn to aspire high and grow . And here comes the pivotal role of the teachers, the creative force and the backbone of the institution who play an important role in moulding the lives of the students. The teachers’ dedicated approach imbibe a  capability amongst the students to blend knowledge, wisdom, values and integrity throughout the years of their schooling.
I implore the parents to participate in their children’s development and growth.
I hope with this incredible team work, the child centred approach, unstinted support of the teaching and the non teaching staff and parents, we will continue to improve the performance of APS, Mhow and scale new heights in the forthcoming session too.

Jai Hind …..



MR P M Sheode


Army Public School, Mhow