The affairs of the school shall be so conducted as to promote self-discipline, leading to decent and orderly behaviour to maintain a high moral tone

in the institution and to build up traditions that all good Public Schools cherish.


The observance of the rules of discipline and good behaviour shall be a pre-condition to a student's continuance in the school. In the event of   serious breach of discipline by a student if the Principal is convinced that the continuance of the student in the school is likely to be detrimental to the general tenor or discipline of the school, he may expel him or recommend his transfer to a special school where arrangements exist to correct delinquents or to reform the hardened offenders.


The following procedure shall be adopted for striking off the name of student from the rolls of the school, on account of nonpayment of school dues:
(a) If the defaulters fail to pay fees and fine within one month. After the expiry of the due date a written warning will be sent to the parents.
(b) If fee plus fine are not paid for three consecutive months, the name of child will be struck off the school rolls.

    Dos & Don'ts for Students  

    (a) Be respectful to your parents, teachers, staff of the school and elderly citizens.
    (b) Be punctual.
    (c) Be neat and clean.
    (d) Be humble in your success or victory.
    (e) Be truthful.
    (f)  Take pride in yourself, your school, your parents and your nation.
    (g) Be courteous, Remember "Thank You" and "Please" are two very good words.
    (h) Be thankful to God for everything that he has given to you.
    (i)  Believe in yourself and have courage.

         Remember God is with you always and everywhere.





    (a) Do not cause hurt by your words or deeds.
    (b) Do not be afraid to speak the truth or to accept a mistake.
    (c) Do not damage or disfigure property of your school or at home.
    (d) Do not use abusive language.
    (e) Do not look down upon those who are less privileged, weak or

         physically challenged.
    (f)  Do not ill-treat animals or birds.
    (g) Do not mock or ridicule on someone's failure.
    (h) Do not pass castiest, anti religious or racial comments.
    (i)  Do not be arrogant.
    (j)  Do not copy or cheat.
    (k)  Do not steal.


Forbidden Practices

No student shall indulge in any of the following practices:-
    (a)  Violence in any form.
    (b)  Sex related offences.
    (c)  Rude and disorderly behaviour.
    (d)  Smoking.
    (e)  Use of drugs or intoxicants.
    (f)   Any form of gambling.
    (g)  Spitting in or near the school building except in

          any spittoon placed by the school.