1.  I have seen this institution growing over the decades. The role of the school in the development of its students has been commendable and the results  that we have been producing, enviable. The career growth of our ex-students vouches for our school’s quality education.  Our institution accommodates children of Army personnel from widely varied backgrounds and offers them equal opportunities to excel and achieve their personal best. One of the strengths of our school has been the synergy between our academic expectations and our efforts to create a safe and caring environment for all students, where they can be themselves and at the same time thrive academically. The entire staff is committed to establishing a milieu that is nurturing and supportive, where learning takes place with respect, responsibility and pride. We lay special emphasis on the development of courage, decency and self confidence together with tolerance of other viewpoints.

2. As a result, our students become independent and develop the confidence to meet the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing world. This web site is a step towards our commitment to provide a platform for information and interaction between the students, parents and school. We will continue to work on increasing our API scores and provide newer opportunities to help our students  develop a global perspective while maintaining respect for their homeland…..   



Mr. P.K Tiwari


Army Public School, Mhow